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7 High-Impact Days of No Excuses Immersive Training Designed To Develop Your Full Potential as a Man and PERMANENTLY Teach You The Mindsets and Skills That Get You The Quality of Girls You Want

Why is One Week Immersion
different than a 3 day bootcamp?


Advancing to instructor level game can’t be done alone.


Scouring the internet for how-to videos, articles, and mismanaged private groups is a cheap way to keep you idle and confused.


If I didn’t seek out mentors and wings who helped accelerate my growth, I wouldn’t be close to instructor level game.


I have surrounded myself with a group of highly focused and dedicated men who are all dead set on crushing it with women and maximizing their potential.


During the 7 Day Immersion program, I will be hijacking your brain to impart those lessons and principles with you.


That decision is not for the faint of heart – it’s for those who are ready…


This is for people who want to leverage their wins.


Going out one or two days a week will never be enough to drill in deep-identity level change.


Over the past decade, I have traveled to three continents, 35+ cities, ran hundreds of seminars, trained thousands of students face-to-face, and over two million online.


I have taught mobs of students how to break through their internal blocks, overcome their obstacles, and walk away with an INNATE SENSE OF POWER.


You will gain a precise understanding of what pickup is supposed to look like, so you can model and replicate it quickly.


One Week Immersion encompasses a whole year’s worth of game into 7 refined days of High Volume action.

Immersion Curriculum


Break into the paradigm of Instructor level game by learning to conserve your energy and not run around nightclub after nightclub like a chicken with its head cut off doing 1,000,000 approaches. We strive for QUALITY over QUANTITY and aim to help you achieve effortless attraction without being overly “gamey”.


Together we explore the BEST daygame locations in your city. Our Immersion program is designed to make approaching a natural byproduct of your life. Once these fundamentals are understood, having solid interactions with girls in the daytime will be smooth and guaranteed to spike attraction in daytime locations.
We will overhaul your online dating profile and massaging strategy so that you never second guess what to respond to any girl’s sometimes cryptic messages. Learn to automate your online dating funnel so that you can continue to focus on your personal growth and career.
After the full week of immersion you will leave with an entire portfolio of HIGH QUALITY pictures for social media and even business. Benefit from access to professional camera gear and the correct lighting, angling, and postures to communicate your alpha lifestyle in just an image.

We connect with my high status friends to ingrain you with true alpha behaviors and mindsets at the core of your character. Heighten your acuity for millionaire mindsets, habits, and beliefs – to adopt in your arsenal of action-taking.


We go shopping and distill your wardrobe with a style that is effortless, affordable, and masculine. It only takes a few key insights to really hone into an alpha style that communicates power and importance. (I have YEARS of experience in the fashion industry.)


We will break down exclusive infield footage that will JOLT you out of your matrix of excuse-making and finally understand the different distinctions of SOLID game. From open to close – any lingering gaps of confusion you once had will be resolved at last.


Peter Drucker famously said “What gets Measured, Gets Managed”, and with Immersion you can finally measure your approaches unlike before. This is your chance to be discreetly recorded in the field and have me break down the minutiae of your game. On top of that we will document your personal assessment so that you can keep it as a reference after the program.





7 Day Immersive Dating Skills Training 
with Todd Valentine


7 Sessions Classroom Training

4 Sessions Daygame

4 Sessions Nightgame


september 3 – 9


september 17 – 23

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Madison Bootcamp at Home Digital Course: Level 1

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I’m a beginner, is Immersion right for me?
Immersion is designed with a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced topics. Whether you’re totally new to learning game, or have several years behind you, mastering the fundamentals is the most effective way to get massive progress.
’m an intermediate/advanced student, will Immersion get me to where I want to be?
Most students at this level benefit greatly by fixing sticking points and bad habits learned over the years. We start off the week with a heavy focus on fundamentals and end it with more nuanced topics such as getting girls to chase and the mechanics of pulling.
What’s the total price of the program?

Immersion costs $1,497 but we also offer a payment plan.

Are You Coming to My City?
So far the only Immersion Programs offered are on the schedule above, there’s no guarantee we will add additional cities in the future.
What is the difference between Immersion and a Bootcamp?
Immersion is a 7-Day program that focuses on infield exercises and personal breakdowns of your game by me.
Will I have to take time off work to participate?
Our evening lessons will start every day after 7pm, that way you can sustain a normal work day before crushing it in the field

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